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Pause - Breathe - Repeat

Take a breath when and where you need it most with our first product Melo.


As life is becoming more connected and fast paced it is difficult to find the time and space to take a break for yourself.

But... Breathe...

We already have a built-in mechanism to combat this stress and anxiety, but it is often forgotten. Breathing is one of the easiest ways to relax and be mindful but in our daily lives it’s hard to develop a helpful routine.

Meet Melo

This is Melo. A small, portable, and easy to use tool for mindfulness that guides you through breathing exercises and allows you to take a breath and relax when you need it most.
With no app or other connected distractions, Melo is all about being in your own space and switching off from sources of stress.

Use it where you need it most...

How it works

3 breathing patterns

Melo has 3 built-in breathing patterns which increase in difficulty to help you get better at mindful breathing

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2 feedback methods

To aid your journey to a restful state, Melo uses both light and haptic feedback as ways to guide you through the breathing patterns

Take it anywhere

Melo has been designed with multiple accessories to make it portable and easy to access when you need that calm space most

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Comes in an exclusive rich copper finish
Fast wireless charging via the Melo charging base
Comes with several interchangeable premium accessories

Mindful breathing

Now we are sure you are an ace at breathing, but why is deep meditative breathing so useful? Find out more about the science behind Melo and how deep meditative breathing can help you become more relaxed, and happier in your daily life.

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