Make anywhere your relaxing space

Make any space as peaceful as sitting at waters edge, breathing in the clear mountain air.

Breathe easy with melo

Learn and master 3 powerful breathing exercise proven to reduce stress; simply, effortlessly, anytime and anywhere.
Think of melo as a mindful friend who is there for you whenever you need to be taken to a calmer place.

Wrap up in a hug with blyss

Improve sleep, reduce stress and lift your mood all while feeling like you are getting a hug from your own blyss weighted blanket.

Designed with our ethos at heart

Wellness Driven

This is at the core of our ethos, being wellness driven is especially important to us. By having a greater understanding of what is good for us can only put us on a better road to happiness.

Digital Disconnect

In a world that is running 24/7 and our addiction to technology has become the ‘norm’we must give ourselves time to switch off and make sure we find some inner peace to reset.


That goes without saying, with our in-house designers looking after the entire process, all products have thought, design and practicality in everything we originate and manufacture.


Everything we use is getting more complicated, one of our most important saying is ‘can everyone work it '..if the answer is yes then we can go to next stage of development.


Before we embark on any new ideas, as part of our design process we strip back any potential product and make sure anything we produce has the WOW factor.

And made to work together for the ultimate in relaxation


My melo has arrived 😀 well worth the wait! Very impressive. Easy to use and very tactile. I love it.
Sue - London, UK
Happy Wednesday, keep shining✨
I really love that melo is an independent device and does not need a smartphone to work. Nicely done!
Spencer - USA
Thank you, it works great!
Tony - USA
Visit our Amazon shop today! 🛒
The whole campaign was very professional, the communication was also always upfront and transparent. Would do business again!
Theresa - Austria
Received mine yesterday. So far, I really like it. I love how it feels in the hand. The lights are easy on the eyes, even at night.
Amiee - Pennsylvania, US
Got my "Melo". Very nice presentation.
George - New York, USA
Happy Saturday, take a walk in nature! 🐝
Got mine. Very nice little device, and the extras are all well executed. Key ring is my favorite
Jeffrey - Oregon, USA
Hug away your stress and anxiety with our Blyss blankets. 

We can all dream...
I got mine this morning in the UK. Very happy with the quality of the product. Looking forward to using my Melo.
Emma - Brighton, UK
How to sleep better tonight...
Received today. Very premium packaging and presentation, high quality accessories and Melo itself feels great. You guys really follow through.
Chris - Birmingham, UK