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Helping you stay calm in a busy world

Melo is a breathing exercise device for wellness and mindfulness, allowing you to take a step back and have a moment of calm. Melo is here to help you deal with everyday stress and anxiety. Designed to let you take a breath and relax wherever and whenever you need it most.

What is mindful breathing?

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Quick and easy to learn

Melo has been designed so you do not need to be an expert in yoga or mindfulness to reap its benefits... all you have to do is take a few melo moments whenever you feel the need to be transported to a calmer place…

Combats modern life stress

Melo has been designed to help alleviate the stresses and anxieties of everyday modern life. It only takes a few moments to bring relief and can readily be added into busy everyday lives. Melo is your 'on the go friend' that you can take everywhere and use virtually anywhere…


We have designed melo to be versatile. Our accessories include the silicon sleeve, a choice of two key fob tags, lanyard and the accessory tool to help you switch them all over quickly and simply. Whatever situation you find yourself in we have got your covered...

Melo in pendant accessory around neck

Wireless Charging

The wireless charger with matching copper accent is slightly concave so your melo fits neatly when charging. Melo will flash 3 times when placed on the top to confirm you are all set. For added peace of mind the base has a power indicator and a foam insert to make sure the charger is not going anywhere...

...and breathe

Mindful breathing has been around for centuries and has loads of benefits from lowering blood pressure and cortisol to helping relieve stress and anxiety.. melo teaches you how to use your breathing to combat the stresses and anxieties of everyday modern life…

Woman happily breathing in

Our other products

Learn more about our products and how they can help you achieve a moment of relaxation.

I bought this to help calm my brain at night. As it’s not linked to my phone it’s great as I’m not interrupted by notifications. It gets you into the zone without you realising. Then you are calmer / quieter. I bought one for me 13yr old daughter who has trouble setting for bedtime. She loves it too. I cannot emphasise how easy it is use. And I have recommended it countless times. Don’t hesitate - get this as it’s fool proof x
I bought this mainly to help me sleep, which I struggle with due to an overactive mind brought on by anxiety, and associated inability to switch off. The vibration, when held in my hand or to my chest is comforting to start with. On my first night of using it I felt my mind was untroubled as I just concentrated on the pattern of vibration and breathing. I set it aside and fell asleep very easily for first time in a long time. It is working consistently for me, more than sleep sprays, herbal sleep aids etc. I get anxiety before work as my job is stressful and I use melo in the car before I walk in to work. It has helped here too. I am so surprised by how effective melo is as I was sceptical. Don't hesitate to buy!
I got mine this morning in the UK. Very happy with the quality of the product. Very professional packaging. Looking forward to using my melo.

The Breathing Patterns



A basic form of box breathing for the beginner to learn and move up a level.

The key to mastering this is to keep your breathe control at the front of your mind and relax your body before you start.



Known as box breathing, this is suggested for people who feel they can do a bit more.

This technique is used by athletes and US Navy Seals to deal with stressful situations and to keep them focused when needed most. It is known to lower blood pressure and provide an almost immediate sense of calm.



For anyone who wants a real challenge and wants to get the full advantage of mindful breathing.

This technique was popularised by Harvard trained Dr. Andrew Weil (teacher of integrative medicine) and based on an ancient yogi technique called ‘Pranayama’, to help users gain control over their breathing.