Make 10% on every referred purchase as a TheaWellbeing Affiliate

Love our products and want to spread the word about them? Become a TheaWellbeing Affiliate and earn commission on every sale that is made through your unique link shared on any platform!

Five reasons to join our program

10% Commission

Earn 10% commission on each purchase that gets made by a customer referred by you

120 Day conversion window

Our cookie last for 120 days, so even if someone doesn't buy straight away that's ok, you will still be credited

Passive income every month

Fully flexible... get payed through PayPal or straight into your bank account (UK only)

Share on any platform

Facebook, TikTok, Youtube or a blog? Whatever you prefer. As long as your unique affiliate link get used you can earn a commission

Dashboard overview

View all your commissions on our affiliate dashboard, so you know how well you are converting

How being an affiliate works

Being a TheaWellbeing Affiliate allows anyone to make some extra passive income from products they already love. In just 3 easy steps.
(Well 2 on your part really)


Sign up as an affiliate

Create an account with our affiliate partner and add your PayPal account


Share your unique link

Copy and share your unique link on your platform of choice, with your creative of choice
(don't know where to start? Check our marketing packs below)


Start earning

Every time a customer comes to our website with your unique link and makes a purchase you will be given a percentage of the total sale

Affiliate marketing packs

We love to see how you creatively market our products, but if you need some help feel free to download our marketing packs with product information and assets below.


Got some burning questions about our affiliate program? See if they haven't been answered below already, or contact us.

Where can I find my unique link or custom affiliate tag?

To get a custom affiliate tag or your custom affiliate link you need to have signed up to our program and logged into our dashboard. You can do this here.

In the dashboard you can then find it under AFFILIATE URL.

How can I get payed?

The main way to get payed your commission is through connecting your PayPal account to our dashboard. Alternatively for UK based affiliates, we can also transfer it straight to your UK bank account. Please get in contact with us if you want to use this method.

We try to pay out commissions on a monthly basis. I you have not given us a method of payment we won't be able to pay you your commission until you do so.

Is the commission rate fixed to 10%?

For affiliates with large followings we can negotiate higher rates. If you think you fall in this category please contact us through our contact page.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where anybody can become a spokes person for our brand and make money doing so. To do this you get a custom affiliate tag specific to you, which you can add to the end of any link to our website you share. If someone uses the link with your code and makes a purchase you get a commission on that sale.

How does the custom affiliate tag work?

The custom affiliate tag is a bit of code added to the end of a link you share, which lets our software know that a customer came from you and that therefore you should be given a commission. A custom tag will normally look like this

When you sign up as an affiliate you can decide what that code looks like but remember that it can't be changed afterwards.

Who can become an affiliate?

We don't like to discriminate so our affiliate program is open to anyone.

Just signup here and start using your custom link to promote!

Ready to start earning commission on products you love?