And Now Breathe...

You just received your melo but aren't sure how to get going? Follow our guide below and we will get you breathing peacefully in no time.

Watch how to use melo

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Or follow the easy steps below


Power on

Press and hold the shorter power button for two seconds to turn melo on and off. Melo will stay in standby until a mode is selected.


Breathing Patterns

Use the slider to select a breathing pattern going from Beginner to Advanced.

Learn more about the patterns


To play and pause the breathing exercises, press and hold the longer mode button for 2 seconds.


Feedback Modes

Short press the longer mode button to cycle between the feedback modes.

1st press = light on and vibrations off
2nd press = light off and vibrations on
3rd press = both light and vibrations on



Charge Melo by plugging the USB-C cable into the charging port or place Melo on the wireless charger.
Melo's light will pulse once to indicate it is connected and charging.

The battery status light at the bottom of your Melo will show the charge level.
Green = 90 - 100% charge
Amber = 25 - 90% charge
Red = less than 25% charge

Watch how to change accessories

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Or follow the easy steps below


Choose your accessory

Melo comes with a range of interchangeable accessories so you can carry melo in the way that works best for you.


Insert accessory

Push the fabric part of the accessories through the copper buckle from the inside of the sleeve. If this proves difficult, put the accessory tool inside the fabric to make it more rigid.



While holding the copper buckle, pull on the pendant/loop/tag to lock them together.


Insert melo and enjoy

Insert your melo into the sleeve and bring it with you around your neck, keychain or otherwise.



With the accessory tool, push into the copper buckle to loosen the plug.



Pull the pendant/loop/tag out of the sleeve and exchange with any other accessory.

Mindful breathing

Now we are sure you are an ace at breathing, but why is deep meditative breathing so useful? Find out more about the science behind Melo and how deep meditative breathing can help you become more relaxed, and happier in your daily life.

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