We like to think of TheaWellbeing as a company that tries to make the world a slightly better place by designing beautiful intuitive products that help the user achieve a more mellow state of mind...

- Matthew Berger, CEO

Our Story

The idea was first discussed between two friends David and Matthew, the conversation was around sleep.. or to be more precise the lack of it! The more we talked about our disrupted sleep and how stress and anxiety impacted our lives the more determined we became to do something about it. From this initial chat TheaWellbeing was born, a company focussed on the wellness sector.

Our dream was for TheaWellbeing to design and market a range of innovative products that help people de-stress, reduce levels of anxiety and disconnect from the digital world.

We had the seed of an idea but needed to expand the team. Our first port of call was product design... it just so happened that David had a 25 year friendship with Graham and Martin the managing partners of a world leading product design company Therefore Design. One meeting later Therefore was on board and the first product was underway.

Now all we needed was a specialist in the oversight of remote manufacture of consumer electronics, someone who had years of experience of selecting the best and most appropriate producers to work with. We were delighted when Steve from MBX International with offices in London and Hong Kong and over 30 years experience agreed to join our team.

Why TheaWellbeing?

Choosing a name for a company that reflected our core values was never going to be easy but after much discussion we decided to take inspiration from the Greek goddess of rest and relaxation - Pasithea.

Taking inspiration from the past to build a business for the modern world kind of felt right to us...

Our Ethos

We believe that the best solutions are often the simplest.

Each product journey starts with the user and looking at the human side of mental stresses. Every product we create is designed to provide a solution to a particular issue.

For a product to pass the wellbeing test it must be:

Wellness Driven

A bit about wellness driven

Digital Disconnect

A bit about digital disconnect


a bit about beautiful


A bit about intuitive


A bit about unique

The Team


Job description