3 Science-Backed Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

Abby Rawlinson
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Oct 7, 2022
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Welcome to our latest blog from our friend Abby Rawlinson from 'therapy with abby' who has written a easy to follow guide to breathing patterns which are built into our 'pocket rocket' Melo...enjoy!

The breath is one of the quickest and easiest ways to move our nervous system into a regulated state.

Let's start simple with the 4 count

When our nervous system is in fight-or-flight mode, and we feel anxious or stressed, we don’t take full, deep and steady breaths. Our breath tends to be short, sharp and fast.

Time to get a bit more serious and try some box breathing

If we take full, slow and deep breaths, we can switch our physiology from dysregulated to regulated, and move our system towards a calm and settled state.

Now you are a pro, this pattern is also great for sleep

Melo is a breathing exercise device that can help you regulate your nervous system in moments of stress and anxiety. The small, portable handheld device is like your ‘on the go friend’ that you can take everywhere. It will guide you through three different breathing patterns using light and haptic feedback, helping you shift your whole mind-body system into amore relaxed state.

I’ve been using Melo for a few weeks now and here are some of my favourite things about it: 

- Melo is small and discreet so you can use it anywhere. I’ve used mine on the tube, at my desk and even standing in a queue at the supermarket!

- There are no screens involved. Melo isn’t connected to an app so there isn’t any risk of being distracted by notifications on your phone. It’s really encouraged me to stay mindful.

- There’s something very comforting about having this little device in my pocket, wherever I go. And there’s no faffing about with it, you just switch it on and start to feel the sweet relief!



You can use the code ABBYLOVESMELO for 10% off.

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