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Jun 22, 2021
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It is safe to say that the last year has been disruptive to our work lives, with many of us having to get used to a ‘new normal’ when it comes to our work routines.Whether you have been struggling with working from home, or having to follow new rules in the workplace, this all can be overwhelming and challenging to manage. This can cause additional stress and anxiety, which most of us could do without, so how can we manage this to improve our overall well-being and happiness? Read on to find out more…

A change of mindset

Many of us go into work and are in ‘work mode’ for eight hours straight. Whilst this may feel like the best way to get the job done, it can be counterproductive. Stress and anxiety can build up during the day, causing brain fog, issues with concentration and lack of efficiency.

Rather than staying stuck like this day in and day out, it is important to reset. Not only will you find this helps how productive you are at work, but it will also improve your general well-being outside of work too. Taking regular breaks from work is known to be beneficial, but what if you could take things one step further?

Take a Melo moment

While taking five minutes out here and there and always scheduling a lunch break can be helpful, how can you make the most of the time you have to reset during the day? For many of us, breaks are rushed and often spent worrying about what we must fit in for the hours remaining. While any break is better than nothing, a break where you can completely shut off from work and fully reset your mind is most beneficial.

Taking a Melo moment during the working day is a great way to switch off from all sources of stress. Melo allows you to breathe, reset and settle your mind, improving your mindset to follow the rest of the day feeling refreshed, focused and calm. Just a minute of breathing with Melo will help replenish your mind and body of oxygen and reduce stress and anxiety.

Melo is small and portable, making it easy to always carry with you, so that you can take a Melo minute at any moment of the day. There is no distracting app or difficult to follow instructions, just three breathing patterns to choose from,enhancing a feel-good attitude and creating an overall increased productive and positive day.

Additional healthy habits

Along with taking a Melo moment during the working day, try to introduce other healthy habits that will help your overall well-being. Just small things such as eating a healthy and protein rich lunch will make a huge impact. Focus on having a balanced meal, including low GI carbs, plenty of vegetables and protein, rather than processed and sugar rich foods, which will only make you feel sluggish. Introduce some exercise and fresh air to your daily routine when you can - getting your daily dose of vitamin D is essential to your general health and will help give you a boost during the working day. You could also consider wearing blue light glasses which filter out blue light from screens and can help you get a better night's sleep.

A few small changes to your workday routine will work wonders to reduce stress and anxiety,and can ease your return to the office, or your adjustment to the on going changes we are all experiencing in the workplace.

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