Top Tips to Settle Back to School Nerves

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Sep 5, 2022
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The end of the summer marks the start of new things for many. For all of us, it’s the start of a new season, but for the younger generations, it’s a new year at school, and for some, a new school all together. This can be a very daunting prospect, for both children and parents, but in thinking ahead and being mindful of how everyone might feel, you can ensure everyone feels calm and confident for the new chapter ahead.

  1. Keep Busy Minds Active, but Acknowledge Any Negative Thoughts

While it’s never a good idea to bury your feelings and try to distract yourself from your thoughts, when there’s something approaching that you feel a little uneasy about, it’s a good idea to keep busy, while allowing yourself some ‘worry’ time each day.

Over the summer, plan a few things to look forward to, to keep their minds engaged and to help them feel positive and happy. When we get too out of our usual routine over the summer, it makes it harder to get back to it when term time starts. Make sure they are aware that if they have any concerns about going back to school, they can talk to you, and put practices in place to help them manage that.

    2. Prioritise Rest

Just like anyone else, when kids feel nervous about something, their sleep can suffer. This will be especially true in the week running up to the start of term. However, being tired can make us feel even more nervous about what lies ahead. Through out the summer, encourage them to build healthy habits around sleep.

For teenagers in particular, it can be difficult to get them to go to bed at a set time, especially during the summer months when it’s often still light outside. Of course have some flexibility, but consider encouraging them to avoid going to bed too late and sleeping in too late, so that it’s easier for them to get back into their routine.

It’s also important to unwind before bed for people of all ages, which will allow you to fall asleep quicker, and have better quality sleep through the night. Things such as reading, or breathing exercises are a great way to get ready for sleep.

     3. Prepare Well in Advance

To limit stress for everyone, get everything ready for going back to school at the start of the summer, or as soon as possible. When everything is sorted early on, this should keep everyone’s minds off of all of the things that are left to buy and organise throughout the summer. Get this out the way nice and early, so that the focus can be on enjoying the summer, feeling calm in the knowledge that you’re well prepared.

     4. Encourage Quiet Time

Children today are far better equipped to deal with their feelings and many have methods in place to help them acknowledge and process any challenging thoughts. Regardless of whether your child already has daily quiet time or not, it’s never too late to start.


Quiet time can offer a great opportunity to reflect on any thoughts or feelings that might have come up during the day. It can simply be an opportunity to write down any negative thoughts that they have, or can be spent in meditation, or doing mindfulness practices. Our breathing exercise device, Melo, can really help keep kids engaged with mindfulness, and will help guide them through their practice.


Starting anew term or a new school is really exciting, and many kids will feel ready to get back and get stuck in, but for some, the whole experience can be anxiety inducing, and the same goes for parents too. By preparing well in advance, and supporting kids, you can help instil a sense of calm and confidence, for all of the family.

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